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  • Everything has gone very smoothly with Charley and we've had a really high number of signups. We’re happy! Cannot begin to thank you for all your help throughout and always being helpful with any questions! Very glad that we’ve moved across to you guys as we cannot complain about the service and how you particularly go above and beyond for us.
    Sara Simmons
    Player Research
  • Elona Washington Profile Picture
    I sent a campaign out over the 4th and I love it. It was much simpler than Mailchimp and I preferred the overall look as well. Also, Mailchimp's importing fails at times and it's incredibly frustrating, especially when you're on a deadline. I'll be using Charley for all my campaigns.
    Elona Washington
  • Robert White
    PR Matters
  • Joel N Little
    Charley is amazing. Email marketing at it's best, in the most simplistic, powerful form.
    Joel N. Little
    Marketing Consultant
  • Nathaniel Schooler
    Social Media Marketer Extraordinaire
  • Joshi Pallavi
    I think Charley is amazing and we'll be switching from MailChimp after our demo with Russ.
    Joshi Pallavi
    Empower 2 Play
  • Raphael Robertson Marketer
    I absolutely love Charley, the capabilities and all the features.
    Raphael Robertson
    Robertson Marketing & Branding
  • Norman Wright Design Company
    I believe is exactly what I'm looking for in an email marketing solution.
    I've signed up!
    Norman Wright
    Norman Wright Design Company

Popular with Mailchimp Refugees

SmartSend Automatic Send-time Optimization

Deliver smarter by automatically scheduling emails based on when each subscriber has opened or clicked previously.

Recycle Mailings with Automatic Resending

Increase opens by 50%+ by automagically resending your campaign to just those that didn’t open it the first time.

Design your entire email campaign in 1 screen

Create an email campaign in 1 easy step (vs 5+ steps in Mailchimp). Simpler is better and faster in Charley.

Build Targeted Lists On-the-Fly Anytime

Query the database to build lists based on opens, clicks, website + shopping activity and custom profiles.

Send a Campaign to Multiple Lists with no Duplicates

Send a campaign to 5 lists and if a subscriber happens to be on more than one list, we’ll make sure they receive only one copy of your mailing.

Integrated Website Toolbar (Echo)

Automatically greet visitors that opened/clicked with a custom website toolbar to reinforce the call-to-action and increase conversions 50%+

Automatic Template Import and Conversion

Send an email to your secret inbound address and it’ll automatically be converted to a template and ready for your next campaign.

Timeline Realtime Activity Feed

View opens, clicks and visitor activity in our Facebook-like feed. It’s amazing and addictive to see your campaign’s activity in real-time.

Exclude Lists or Individual Emails from Mailing

If you send out a mailing to your entire subscriber base but want to exclude current customers and maybe a handful of others, select list(s) or paste in email addresses.

Automatically Create Mailing List from Recipients in To Field

Automatically create a new mailing list comprised of any combination of list(s) and manually entered email addresses for future use. Mailchimp limits you to just lists.

More Great Features

Integrated Website Email Capture Campaign

Intelligently deliver email capture popon with smart delivery profiles, custom designs, with no coding required.

Send Campaigns Directly from Gmail

Each list comes with a super-secret email address that allows you to send mailings right from any email application or service!

Transactional Email Support

Deliver personalized, timely, relevant emails to visitors when they purchase, abandon a cart, register and more.

Drip Mail – Autoresponder Campaigns

Send scheduled series of emails when visitors are added to a list, register or to kick off an onboarding campaign.

Amazon-style Product Recommendations

Send your emails with personalized recommendations just like does! Automatically personalized emails are here.

Include Top Selling Product Grids

Deliver emails with beautiful Top Seller product grids automatically. Filter by category, manufacturer, or top sellers overall, it’s your choice.

Subscriber Behavioral Tracking

We track subscriber engagement- opens, clicks, page views and more. Use this insight create better campaigns.


Integrated Pre-Send Spam Score Testing

We help ensure that you don’t send mail that ends up in your subscriber’s spam folder!

Automatic Bounce Handling and List Scrubbing

We’re clean freaks! Charley keeps lists clean by automatically managing bounces and spam complaints.

Super-Easy Campaign Scheduling

Send mailings immediately or schedule for a date/time and even time zone.

Real-time Reporting

More insight and more data, presented so that anyone can easily understand how a campaign is doing, who’s responding and more.

Accidentally send mailing? Stop it immediately!

Mistakes happen. Whether you sent the email to the wrong list or noticed a typo in the subject, cancel with a simple click.

Account Features

More Powerful. More Affordable

Unlike Mailchimp, we don’t charge $199 for ‘Pro Features’. Get enterprise marketing on every for less Mailchimp.

Support for Individual User Accounts

Give members of your team their own accounts, each with their own permissions. No more shared passwords!

Amazing Support from Real People

We respond to emails immediately, smile and help every customer with the best support in the business.

Scale your marketing seamlessly

Charley’s part of an all-in-one Marketing Cloud. Access new features, onsite and social marketing modules, without costly integrations and new vendors.


Jessica’s Getting to Know Charley
Email Marketing Videos

Hacking email conversion rates with website toolbars in just under 60 seconds!

Easy growth hack to increase email open rates by 53% in just 60 seconds.

There’s so much to love about Charley – hear what Jessica has to say about  the 14 things she loves about Charley

Watch as Jessica takes you on a quick tour of Charley. Just sit back, relax, and say “Hello” to Charley!

Create a Charley email blast in just
one, easy, step. Watch the video!

Use Recycler to automatically resend
a campaign to just non-openers

Adding a Signup Form for
your Charley Email List

Using Charley’s built-in, pop-on
style Email Capture campaign

Learn how to send your emails at the optimal time in just under 60 seconds!

Jessica takes you through the

Transactional Email Campaign in Charley.

Charley’s Made Email Marketing Easy – See how our latest features make your life simple

Jessica demonstrates how to create
your first Charley mailing list

Switching from Mailchimp is easy.
Better features and save money, too!

Create targeted email lists anytime
using Charley’s Smart List Builder

Using Charley’s Inbound Address to
automatically convert email templates

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