Tidbits and Usability Improvements Headline Charley’s 7/25 Update

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July 18, 2016
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August 16, 2016

Usability Improvements Update 7/25/16

Improved navigation to help you get things done.

Improved navigation to help you get things done.

We’ve made enhancements to the menu structure to make it both fast and easy navigate around the platform. Most everything can be reached with one click.

A gif of our new navigation - main menu items are nested under the logo and quick links can be found in the lightning bolt.

  • Create New Email Campaign: Click on this to create a newsletter or email blast campaign. The interface was designed to mimic the look and feel of your favorite email program.
  • Mailing Lists: This will allow you to access all your mailing lists where you can easily manage/update subscribers, unsubscribes and configure your inline form.
  • Campaigns + Reporting: Access your web and email campaigns, as well as detailed reporting for each. You can also control the status (on/off) from this screen.
  • Saved Emails: Every email you create/use within Charley is saved in a library for future use. Emails can be copied, cloned and changed to your heart’s content.
  • Quick Actions: Represented by a lighting bolt, quickly subscribe someone to a list, unsubscribe from a list and even add to the permanent opt-out list.
  • Logout Link Moved to Site Selection: Logout has been moved to the site selection dropdown to the right of the rocket logo.
  • Platform Navigation Moves to Rocket Logo: Navigate to other sections of the platform including profile/engagement/goal libraries, reporting, visitor search, real-time timeline, support, account/user settings, product catalog and coupon manager.


Being able to target visitors that did not open your original mailing has proven to be one of the most popular and successful Charley campaigns to date. We have made some improvements based on customer feedback.

  • Recycler added to navigation: Create a recycler campaign by selecting the link located on the campaign library page dropdown or from the New Campaigns tab.
Create a Recycler campaign by clicking New Campaign.

Create a Recycler campaign by clicking New Campaign.

  • Selecting a campaign to recycle: When creating a recycler campaign, the first step is to select a campaign to recycle. We added instruction text to make it more clear.
  • Visual improvements:We format the scheduled send date for recycler campaigns so that it lines up correctly.


Mailing Lists
Your mailing lists are the most important part of email marketing and we made some enhancements to a make them even easier to manage. We’ve dramatically improved the search feature to help you find subscribers/unsubscribers faster. We also made improvements to the unsubscription process and Visitor Subscription Portal to support cases where a subscriber tried to unsubscribe from an email list that was deleted or is no longer active.

Use the search tool to easily locate subscribers or unsubscribers by email address.

Use the search tool to easily locate subscribers or unsubscribers by email address.


Campaign Detail Page Analytics
Analytics is key to determining the success of any marketing campaign. We made some simple changes that will make a big difference when reading/comparing campaign results.

  • Recycler campaign stats: The stats for a Recycler campaign are displayed against the results from your original mailing. We have now add a convenient link to the campaign detail page of the “original” campaign you sent.
  • KPI Circle Metrics: Our system measures unique opens for email analytics so we changed the label to avoid confusion.


Other Changes include:

  • Deleting email engagements from library reloads same library
  • Modifications to product catalog import interface

We’re looking forward to your feedback and thoughts!

If you need help or want to view a tutorial, check out Jessica’s Email Tutorials and Videos.