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Charley’s New Dashboard Interface Released

Charley’s Biggest Update Ever is Coming Soon!
October 12, 2016
Charley Email Marketing – Brief Overview
October 28, 2016


Fresh Look, Easier Email Marketing

If you couldn’t tell from my last message, we’re pretty excited.

Our platform has some incredible marketing functionality – yet, most of you probably didn’t know it (or even how to access those parts).  We had to do better and this redesign is our first step towards that goal.

Here’s a quick overview of the left-side and top nav bars:

  • Activity Feed
    This section includes a live stats area and real-time Facebook like feed of all the most important events and KPIs like deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, rates, etc.
  • Campaigns
    View all your saved, live and draft campaigns in a single table.
  • Website
    Create a campagin to engage website visitors. Campaign types include email capture popon, content delivery & A/B Testing, mobile content delivery & testing, A/B testing (Advanced) and echo toolbar.
  • Email
    Navigate to all sections related to your email marketing including mailing lists, email blast campaigns, saved emails library, global opt-out list, and subscriber search.
  • Libraries
    Your library contains profiles, engagements, emails, goals, images, coupons, and your product catalog.
  • Notifications
    Receive browser notifications (desktop and mobile) for website, email, and campaign actions. Configure what you want to see on each activated browser. Options include new vs. repeat visitors, new sale, abandoned cart, campaign status, new subscriber/unsubscriber, goal reached, and much more!
  • Search Database
    Search our visitor database. Every visitor has a story and we keep a bio on each visitor. You can also perform bulk actions like the ability to import and export visitors, opt-ins, opt-outs, and blacklists.
  • Analytics
    At the bottom of the left nav are some quick view stats that include bulk sending status, site visitor count, sent emails count, lists and number of subscribers.



Across the top on the right side of the screen, we have added a few shortcuts to make it easier for you to jump around the platform.

  • Create New
    From this dropdown, you can quickly create email campaigns, marketing engagements, and ecommerce grids (recommendations), subscriber/unsubscriber, goal reached, and much more!
  • Shortcuts
    Easily add subscribers to a list, unsubscribe from a list, and even add users to a global opt-out list without having to go into list detail.  
  • Settings
    Change accounts (if you have access to multiple), manage your site and user account settings,  access our support knowledgebase, and the ability to logout. 


new-ui-shortcutsThis has been the biggest UI change yet. I really hope you like it. It’s also just the beginning as we’ll be enabling new features over the next several weeks.