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Turn an Email Campaign into a Lead Generation Machine

New Feature: Easy-to-use Hosted Email Subscription Forms
August 31, 2016
Haystacker Opens Report
Official Haystacker Announcement
September 9, 2016

Haystacker for Email Marketing

Automatically surfacing the best needles in a haystack.

I’m really excited.

If you’re interested in using email marketing to help drive sales. Read on.

The best innovations often come from solutions to problems you face and solve more elegantly than others. If you’re lucky, your ‘better mousetrap’ gets adopted by the masses and you’re on your way to fame and riches.

We don’t just develop email marketing software, we’re email marketers and many of our ideas for Charley come from the marketing challenges we face.

We’re our own customer. Customer #1.

IBM, the headline sponsor of the US Open tennis tournament, is airing a commercial about ‘Dark Data’. Utilize the power of Watson and unlock the hidden insight stuck in the vast expanse of the Dark Data and the Cloud. With Watson, you’re magically on your way towards rainbows and endless buckets of gold coins.

So what does this have to do with email marketing?

We found some amazing ‘Dark Data’ in our own email marketing reports and created a way to expose and utilize it.

Like many of you, we’d send a campaign and look at deliveries, opens and click-through rates. We’d give ourselves a pat on the back when they were good and get grumpy when they weren’t.

But as I managed our own email marketing efforts, I used Timeline, a realtime campaign activity log (like a Facebook feed for your marketing), to watch, one-by-one, as subscribers opened and clicked on our mailings.

2:12pm - Tom in Los Angeles, CA opened our email.
2:42pm - Hey, he just opened it again.
6:02pm - Wait, he opened and clicked on it again.
11:00pm - Opened it again.

The truth is, I was closer to a Timeline crack-addict. I was a voyeur in the worst way – fascinated and glued to my screen.

You see, I didn’t see 4 opens, 1 click and 1 unique open.

I saw Tom. A potential new customer.

Tom was interested. Tom is interested.

That’s not a metric, that’s a prospect.

But unless you were glued to the screen, Tom and others like him are buried behind the data. In the Dark Cloud. How could we shine our light on this and how many Toms were out there?

A lot.

We just weren’t doing anything about it. Until now…

I can’t wait to show you how we’re turning email marketing into a sales funnel for you. Automatically.

CSV file of hastacker leads