Email Marketing Hacks: Combining Web Toolbars with Email Marketing to Lift Conversion Rates

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April 3, 2017
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April 14, 2017

Use a Website Toolbar to Welcome Subscribers who’ve Clicked on Your Email Marketing to Lift Conversion Rates

This is the third video in our Email Marketing Growth Hacking series.

This conversion hack uses a simple website toolbar that serves as a bridge between the call-to-action from your email marketing to your website; something we like to call an “echo” toolbar – a creative that reinforces your message and helps to increase conversions!

The marketing hack came from research that I did a while back. I was looking at causes for high bounce rates and came across an article that made a lot of sense:

The #1 reason for high website bounce rates is the disconnect between what a visitor expected to see when they arrived and what they actually saw.

Think about this… Getting someone to click is difficult. They clicked for on your link for a reason. If you don’t immediately present them with what they expected to see, there’s a high likelihood they’ll bounce.

Strategies like deep-linking and landing pages can help reduce bounces by presenting more relevant content, however they take both time and precious resources to develop.

A Kickstarter Case Study
This hack helps to bridge the gap using a simple website toolbar. We used it with with great success for a customer that just completed a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s what they did:

  1. They sent out two email campaigns and did a split test when visitors came to the site
  2. Each Kickstarter sponsor got a special thank you offer in an email campaign
  3. Group A clicked through received a website toolbar that welcomed them and reminded them of their special offer (including their redemption coupon code)
  4. Group B didn’t get the reminder on click-through (but still access to the offer from the email)

Conversion rates for subscribers that clicked through were over 165% higher in the first test and over 50% in a subsequent test.

The test was successful, and continues to be a great tactic. We’ve found it to be just as effective in search engine marketing ads, social media advertising and anywhere where a call-to action can be reinforced on the website. Plus, it’s a lot faster to implement when you don’t have the time to develop a custom landing page.

Echo Toolbar Conversion Optimization Video Tip

A few helpful recommendations:

  • Display the toolbar on any landing page (the first page) the visitor clicked-through
  • If there’s a promo code or other call-to-action that brought them to the site, make sure to include that as part of the toolbar
  • Display the toolbar (and promo code) on all pages of that session until they reach the page where the promo code is entered
  • Consider continuing to display the toolbar in subsequent sessions, as they may not convert initially. The toolbar serves as a reminder them that they have an offer waiting for them.
  • If you use Charley and Rekko, echo toolbars are incredibly easy to setup!