Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charley really Free?

Yes, Charley’s free forever account enables you to send up to 15k emails a month. Upgrade to one of Charley’s Premium paid accounts to gain access to features like Recycler, SmartSend, automatic list cleansing and more.


How do you make money then?

Paid Premium Charley Plans come with higher email sending limits as well as additional features that significantly enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing. These include:

  • Automatic bounce handling keeps your lists clean and increases deliverability rates and email reputation
  • Recycler increases open rates by an average of 53% by automatically resending emails to just those that didn’t open it the first time
  • SmartSend send-time optimization automatically schedules the delivery of your email campaign intelligently based on when each visitor last opened or clicked on an email from you
  • Integrated pre-send spam testing helps make sure you hit the inbox and stay out of the junk folder
  • Our SmartList Builder enables you to build lists in real-time by querying our database based on any number of behavioral and custom profiles
  • Customize the post-click experience by delivering welcome campaigns and coupons to subscribers when they visit your website!
  • Many other advanced features

We view every free or paid customer as a long-term partnership; a partnership that doesn’t necessarily start with an exchange of money. We’re confident we’ll drive enough value that you’ll upgrade at some point. Until then, it’s our investment in your success.


Why should I switch to Charley from Mailchimp?

When we started out, we found Mailchimp to be cumbersome and expensive. It took 5 screens to send a simple mailing. They hide advanced features in a $199/month “Pro” upgrade. We deserved better. You do too.

Sending a mailing should take one step, not six. Importing an email creative should be as simple as sending it to a secret inbound email address where it’s automatically converted into a template for you. Automatically re-sending a mailing to just those that didn’t get it the first time (non-openers) should be as simple as clicking a single button (Recycler). Not sure when to send out your email? Click a button to enable “SmartSend” and automatically send each email intelligently based on when they’ve opened or clicked on your emails previously.

Smarter. Yes. Simpler. Yes. Easy to do on other platforms? No.

Charley was designed to be both more powerful and significantly easier to use. It’s an enterprise-class email marketing platform that’s as simple to use as composing a message on your iPhone. It’s sophisticated email marketing, made easy.


How do you help ensure that my emails won’t end up in the spam folder?

We work hard to maintain a 99.9% deliverability rate. We utilize many things to ensure the highest possible deliverability:

  • We have a strict no-spam policy.
  • Built-in, pre-flight spam testing and scoring identifies potential problems before they impact deliverability.
  • Lists are continuously being cleansed. Charley automatically removes bounces, spam complaints and deliverability rejects. The cleaner your lists, the better your sending reputation and deliverability rate will be.
  • Easy global opt-out ensures those that want to unsubscribe or opt-out of all marketing mailings can do so easily.
  • The Subscription portal makes it easy for you and your subscribers to manage their email marketing preferences.
  • Integrated DKIM, SPF and DMARC ensure you’re in compliance with sending standards for email delivery.

These all keep you in the good graces of postmasters everywhere. That’s a good thing.


What is the tracking pixel?

The Charley tracking pixel is a few lines of JavaScript you add to your website. Once installed, subscribers’ actions are tracked as they browse your site. Automatically greet subscribers that click through with a custom toolbar and increase conversions by over 50%! Since we collect/store all subscriber activity, building dynamic lists based on any criteria you can imagine is a cinch. All without any complex integrations, it’s all built-in.


Can I use my own SMTP with Charley?

You certainly can use your own SMTP with Charley. In your Settings, you can change Email Settings to add your own SMTP server. We will add ‘Bring your own SMTP’ plans in the future, helping you save money by utilizing your investment in your own email deliverability provider.


Is Charley integrated with any other services?

Charley is fully integrated the Rekko Marketing Cloud (RMC). With both Charley and RMC, you can control all your marketing needs from email, a/b testing, and content delivery in a single Dashboard. No complex integrations. Omnichannel marketing for upstarts and SMBs.


What if I’m not satisfied with Charley?

Every Charley account comes with a Money Back Guarantee. There are no long-term contracts. We earn your business every month.