New Automatic List Cleansing, Real-time Sending Updates, Faster Manual Subscribes

New Sending Features
January 23, 2017
Email Marketing Hacks: Retarget non-openers to boost open rates by 53%
April 3, 2017

Here is the latest updates and additions to Charley’s Email Marketing platform:

Keep it Clean with the “Clean List” Button
List hygiene is important. The cleaner your list, the greater your sending reputation and likelihood campaigns will hit your subscribers’ inboxes and not their junk folder.

So what does the Clean List button do? It automatically keeps your lists spic and span by removing bad emails from:

  • The Global Opt-out List, which contains emails that have opted out of any mailings from you, hard bounced, or complained/reporting that a mailing you sent was spam, etc.
  • The Charley Global Opt-out Super List is a list of bad email addresses we maintain across all mailings we do across all of our customers.

Click here to clean any list.

Sending Status on the Send Confirmation Screen
The snazzy new sending status screen updates the progress of your campaign in real-time. The screen updates the send count and has a nice animated progress bar.

Manually Subscribe to Multiple Lists Faster
One of the things we actually do quite a bit is to manually add subscribers to our mailing lists. We introduced a Shortcut in the top menu bar that allows you to quickly add subscribers to your lists. This update adds checkboxes, so you can easily subscribe someone to any number of lists with just a click.

That’s it for this update! Let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback.