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Charley Email Marketing – Brief Overview
October 28, 2016
Charley Email Marketing Sending Status
New Automatic List Cleansing, Real-time Sending Updates, Faster Manual Subscribes
January 31, 2017

Send to individual emails, lists, exclude lists and more!

We pushed out a couple new features I’m hoping will make your own email marketing easier.

If you’re like me, your first mailing list was a (long) list of emails in the TO or BCC field. Guilty? I’m lazy and that was just easier.

I did some thinking and wondered why we (i.e. email marketing services) force you to create a mailing list first; or what about if you have a mailing list, but want to add a couple investors or employees to that mailing? You have to manually add them to a mailing list (ugh!)

Charley can now send to a list, individual emails, or any combination of the two
You can now address a Charley campaign to any combination of individual emails and mailing lists – just mix and match! In fact, you can even skip creating a list beforehand and just paste in a list of emails. After hitting send, Charley will ask if you want to automatically create a new list of all the mailing’s recipients (individual emails and lists in the to field).

Emails in the TO field can now be combined with traditional Charley Mailing Lists

Emails in the TO field can now be combined with traditional Charley Mailing Lists

Excluding Subscribers from a Mailing
So we’ve made it a bit easier to send out your campaigns, but what if you want to send a promotion to your entire list but exclude existing customers? Well, voila. Charley now allows you to easily exclude individual emails and mailing lists from receiving a campaign.

Easily exclude email lists or individual email addresses from any Charley mailing

Under Charley’s Email Blast Campaign’s Advanced Options, you can find your options for excluding whole mailing lists or specific email addresses.

Hope that these features make your email marketing a bit easier. As always, let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback.