Rekko/Charley Updated

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April 14, 2017

Latest Updates to Rekko and Charley


Exportable Analytics

Added button to export all campaign analytics (with configurable date ranges) to CSV/Excel format.

Manually Trigger Campaign Delivery with JavaScript (Bypass Profiling)

Ever wanted to deliver a campaign by calling it via a JavaScript trigger or event and skip our profiling engine? Now you can! If you want instructions on how to use this new feature, contact support.

recommendation grids with slider arrows rekko charleyRecommendations Have a Sliding Grid Option

Added ability to deliver product recommendation grids with slider arrows. It’s now easy to add Amazon-style recommendations in real-estate constrained grids, i.e. deliver a 4×1 grid with up to 16 related products.

Recent Viewed Products Product Grid Type

Dynamic product and recommendation grids can now be populated with a user’s most recently viewed products (current and past sessions). Available for both website and email campaigns.

New Save Keyboard Shortcuts

Control-S on Windows and Command-S on Mac will automatically save the work you’re doing in a campaign or campaign content (engagement).

Email Updates

Exclude Lists or Specific Emails from a Mailing

If you have a list of people or set of profiles you’d like to exclude from receiving an email campaign, this new option makes it simple. For instance, send to people on List A, B and C, but make sure no one on List D gets it. Or just make sure a specific group of emails doesn’t.

Kill Switch to Stop an Outgoing Mailing

We’ve added a button to stop the sending process of an outgoing email campaign. You’ll need to press it relatively quickly, but it’s a safeguard for the “Oops, I don’t want to get fired” mistake!

Automated Pre-flight Checks

We automatically check that the FROM domain name in your email campaign has proper SPF and DKIM DNS records, ensuring that recipient email servers can authenticate email campaigns sent on your behalf.

Email Capture Campaign Google-Mandated Change

Google introduced a ranking penalty to sites delivering modals to mobile devices that fundamentally obstruct the user’s experience. We’ve disabled delivery of the Email Capture campaign by default for mobile devices. Easily re-enable mobile delivery with a click.


  • [Core] Changed the behavior of soft-bounce handling related to being automatically added to the Global do-not-email opt-out list
  • [Core] Updated MS Word CKEditor plugin for enhanced copy-paste support from Microsoft Word
  • [Enhancement] Added additional support to make Toolbar and Echo campaigns more responsive (small screen support)
  • [Enhancement] Email Capture has new profiles for delivery based on user device (any device, desktop, tablet, and/or mobile)
  • [Enhancement] Enhanced support for customer’s with their own SMTP server
  • [Usability] We no longer automatically append the SENT date to an email campaign’s name
  • [Enhancement] Physical address support in email footers for proper Can-Spam Compliance
  • [Usability] Changed default behavior when clicking the SAVE button to not auto-close the window you’re working in
  • [Usability] Changed default sort option in Saved Emails Library (most recent to least) and added new Preview Button