Release Notes for 5 July 2016 Charley Update

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Charley June 2016 Update
June 30, 2016
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Charley Update 7/12/16
July 12, 2016

Below are the notables from the July 5th release of Charley:

New Campaign Cloning support & more: Release Notes for 7/5/16 Update

One-Click Campaign Cloning
Our ongoing goal is to make email marketing easier, allowing you to spend less time getting stuff done. We’ve added support to quickly clone an email newsletter or blast with a single click, allowing you to build new campaigns using an existing campaign in no time.

Smart List Build – Preservation of Unsubscription Status
One of Charley’s most powerful features is the ability to build lists dynamically using filters (called profiles and segments). Check out our article on Building a Charley Mailing List. The new change modifies the behavior so subscribers who have previously opted out are not added to the list, even if they matched a profile or filter you set. This makes it easy to run a build list job and not worry that you’re adding people that may have previously unsubbed.

Copy & Paste from Microsoft Word
Create your email in Microsoft Word and simply paste into Charley. We use one of the most popular WYSIWYG editors on the Web, CK Editor. New support adds the ability to copy and paste from a Word document while maintaining the original content formatting.

Copy and Paste from Word into Charley Editor

Copy & Paste content from Microsoft Word and maintain original content formatting.

Miscellaneous Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Site Settings
      In the site settings of your Charley account, we now display key account details including Site ID, Site API Key and Site API Token along with buttons to copy to clipboard.
    • Visitor Record 
      We’ve added the specific send to email address to the engagement result. Especially helpful in scenarios where visitors have multiple email addresses in our system and want to know what address received the email.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and thoughts!