Charley June 2016 Update

Charley Adds Zapier Integration
Zapier Integration Announced
June 28, 2016
Charley Adds Cloning for Blast Campaigns
Release Notes for 5 July 2016 Charley Update
July 5, 2016
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Charley Email Marketing List Settings tab

Charley's new Email Marketing List Settings tab


Charley adds Zapier & more: Release Notes for 6/30/16 Update

Charley + Zapier
In case you missed it, we created our first Zap! It will allow us the ability to authenticate, retrieve a list of lists, add/remove someone from a list and add/remove someone from the opt-out list. Charley’s app in Zapier is in Beta mode and needs testers! To become a tester, just use this invite link.

Mailing List Improvements
Your mailing list(s) is the most valuable part of your email marketing strategy. It’s why we are continually working to improve it and further extend the capabilities.

  • New List Settings tab
    Located on the mailing list’s detail page, use it to configure single vs double opt-in, secret inbound address and preview email settings. It also allows you to set the list to public or private status, which controls whether the list will appear in the Subscription Portal.

    Charley Email Marketing List Settings tab

    Charley’s new Email List Settings tab

  • List Unsubscribe Header
    Many email clients provide a way for users to unsubscribe from that sender via a link located in the in the email header. Charley automatically adds the List Unsubscribe header, which will also help your deliverability rate.
List Unsubscription Header Screenshot

The List Unsubscription header is automatically added to your mailings, making it easier for users to manage their subscriptions and increases the likelihood you won’t end up in the spam folder.


Miscellaneous Improvements / Bug Fixes

    • Text-Only Emails
      Added support to text-only versions of your email to be automatically generated for the 3 people in the world that still don’t have a modern email client. 😉
    • Build List Function
      We modified the messaging associated with our build-list process to make it more clear and functional.
    • Customizing the Email Footer
      Premium customers that would like to modify/customize their opt-out footer and branding can do so now.
    • View In Browser Changes
      In instances where your email doesn’t render properly in a recipient’s email client or have an image heavy email, giving readers the to read/view your email in a browser can be helpful. We fixed an encoding issue where certain characters were replaced with random symbols.
    • Email Landing Page
      Now displays your current total subscriber count and the number of emails you’ve sent at the top.
    • Email Capture Campaign
      The design process has been modified to support use of a single background image.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and thoughts!

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