Charley Email Marketing – Brief Overview

Charley’s New Dashboard Interface Released
October 15, 2016
New Sending Features
January 23, 2017

Say Hi to Charley!

This video takes you on a quick tour of Charley and some of our core features that set us apart from platforms like Mailchimp, including:

  • Smart Send – automatic Send time optimization delivers each email based on when each subscriber historically has opened or clicked on a previous mailing
  • Recycler – automatically resend a mailing to just those that didn’t open it the first time
  • Smart List Builder – build lists dynamically with customizable profiles like shopping behavior, website activities and more
  • Personalization Tags – send Amazon style personalization emails and increase engagement instantly
  • Email List Sign Ups – grow your email list with intelligent list building campaigns
  • One-Page Email Campaign – see the easiest email marketing interface you’ve ever seen
  • Haystacker Report – generates a sales lead sheet and Excel file after each mailing. Target the right prospects and increase sales

If you’d like to signup for an account, click here. All accounts have a Money Back Guarantee and we’re 100% sure you’ll love it. Additionally, if you’re coming from Mailchimp or another provider, we’ll even automatically import your lists and templates free!

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