Summer 2016 Development Recap

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July 25, 2016
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Push Notifications are Coming
August 18, 2016

Charley Update

While many of you have been at the beach, it’s been a flurry of activity over here. We’re announcing some truly exciting new stuff later this week that I’m really stoked about, so stay-tuned. Until then, here’s a quick Summer recap..

Summer Recap

Responsive recommendation grids
Responsive recommendation & top seller grids can be delivered on your website or sent via email. 
Grids automatically adjust based on screen size and configuration.


Responsive Product Recommendations for Email and Web Campaigns

Deliver and send Amazon-style recommendation grids based on individual visitor shopping behaviors. Save time by using the same grid on your website or for emails headed for subscriber inboxes.

Grids delivered to a desktop or mobile device are displayed in appropriate row/column configurations based on screen size. Creating grids is a point and click affair and can be set up in minutes. Check out this article on creating grids for your email campaigns for more detail and instruction.

Better Navigation

We’ve made enhancements to the menu structure to make it both fast and easy navigate around the platform. Most everything can be reached with one click: Creating a New Email Campaign, Mailing Lists, Campaigns + Reporting, Saved Emails, and Quick Actions. Platform navigation and Site Selection/Logout function has been moved to the left side of the header.

A gif of our new navigation - main menu items are nested under the logo and quick links can be found in the lightning bolt.

Improved navigation to help you get things done


Recycler resends a campaign just to those that did not open your original mailing. With one click, this proven to be one of the most often used and successful Charley features.

We have made improvements based on customer feedback including adding a Recycler link to the navigation, improving campaign stats, and making it even easier to use. Try Recycler and see an average of 50% more opens and clicks. Really.

Compare Stats from Two Campaigns Instantly

We’ve made analytics enhancements to make it both fast and easy to compare the results of any two campaigns. Compare key performance indicators of any two campaigns against each other by clicking the compare link on any campaign’s reporting page. Compare campaign performance side-by-side

Easily compare important stats like deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, etc. for any two Charley email campaigns.

Smart List Build – Preservation of Unsubscription Status 

One of Charley’s most powerful features is the ability to build lists dynamically using filters (called profiles and segments). Check out our article on Building a Charley Mailing List. The new change modifies the behavior so subscribers who have previously opted out are not re-added to the list (oops), even if they match a profile or filter you set. So build a list without worrying that you’re adding people that may have previously unsubscribed.

One-Click Campaign Cloning

Our ongoing goal is to make email marketing easier, allowing you to spend less time getting stuff done. We’ve added support to quickly clone an email newsletter or blast with a single click, allowing you to build new campaigns using an existing campaign in no time.

Charley Adds Cloning for Blast Campaigns

Visitor record gets it’s own page:

Rekko/Charley collects a great deal of information about each visitor. Information like name, email, location, browser, operating system, lifetime value, page path and shopping cart history are all part of a visitor’s biography. Visitor profiles are now displayed in a separate page instead of a modal, which makes it easier to browse and share. We have a lot of plans to make use of this data so stay tuned.

Copy & Paste from Microsoft Word

Create your email in Microsoft Word and simply paste into Charley. We use one of the most popular WYSIWYG editors on the Web, CK Editor. New support adds the ability to copy and paste from a Word document while maintaining the original content formatting.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and thoughts! If you need help or want to view a tutorial, check out Jessica’s Email Tutorials and Videos.